Monday, July 28, 2008

Meet D-O-G!

This is D-O-G - pronounced Deeohgee - I've been calling her G-O-D though - pronounced Geeohdee - I like that better. She's nine months old and I just picked her up tonight from the Antigonish SPCA as a short term foster.
I'm hoping that her new foster is going to pick her up on Wednesday. She just had 10 puppies on June 5th - a 9 month old puppy having 10 puppies of her own! That's like a 12 year old girl having a baby! Poor little thing! So she's currently looking for a forever home.
She is so cute - and has no issues whatsoever - she is a perfect little dog who is probably going to max out at 40 or 50 pounds - she's ready to mold into whatever you want her to become.
The dogs so far have been amazingly good to her. I think it really speaks to her need to get along with everything around her - she is very sociable - and she really wants to be loved.
This is what Charlie thinks of her - she is currently unspayed, which is going to be remedied very shortly - he's all like - I'm the only large male in the house - and you're an unspayed female - and I'm ready to play with you, my lady!!"

Charlie is in love!

You can contact me at if you're interested in pursuing looking at adopting G-O-D and I'll hook you up with the people who are in charge of her.


  1. awww she's a cute little one. Her life is about to get so much better! :)

  2. Anonymous11:58 AM

    aww--she is a little love

  3. Anonymous4:02 PM

    I love her!! I hope she finds a home v. quickly.